Educator’s Oath

I hereby affirm my dedication to the profession of education.
With this affirmation I embrace the obligations of professional educators to improve the general welfare, to advance human understanding and competence, and to bring honour to the endeavours of teaching and learning.
I accept these obligations for myself and will be vigilant and responsible in supporting their acceptance by my colleagues.
I will be always mindful of my responsibility to increase the intelligence of students through the disciplined pursuit of knowledge.
I will be steadfast in this commitment, even when weary and tempted to abdicate such responsibility or blame failure on obstacles that make the task difficult.
I will be persistent in my commitment to foster respect for a life of learning and respect for all students.
To perform faithfully these professional duties, I promise to work always to better understand my content, my instructional practice, and the students who come under my tutelage.
I promise to seek and support policies that promote quality in teaching and learning and to provide all engaged in education the opportunity to achieve excellence.
I promise to emulate personally the qualities I wish to foster, and to hold and forever honour a democratic way of life that cannot exist without disciplined, cultivated, and free minds.
I recognize that at times my endeavours will offend privilege and status, that I will be opposed by bias and defenders of inequality, and that I will have to confront arguments that seek to discourage my efforts and diminish my hope. 

But I will remain faithful to the belief that these endeavours and the pursuit of these goals make me worthy of my profession, and my profession worthy of  free people.
In the presence of this gathering, I bind myself to this oath. 

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